Q. How do I run Phonology Assistant on a Mac or Linux?
A. A detailed description of how to do use Parallels on a Mac can be found in this PDF document. Otherwise you can use Virtual Box on a Mac or Linux to install Windows and use the Phonology Assistant. Users have also gotten Phonology Assistant to run on Wine

Q. When starting Phonology Assistant, it keeps crashing when trying to load the last opened project. How can I get Phonology Assistant to ‘forget’ what is the last loaded project?
A. Holding down the Ctrl key while Phonology Assistant is starting will cause it not to load the last opened project.

Q. By default, where does Phonology Assistant want to store its project files?
A. By default, Phonology Assistant offers to save your project files under a folder called ‘Phonology Assistant’ in your documents folder (sometimes called ‘My Documents’).