Reading App Builder can build apps for both Android and iOS platforms.

The following table indicates which features are available for each type of app. Some app features are not included currently in the iOS app, but work is in progress to add them.

Feature Android iOS Remarks
Main Display
Formatted text displayed on screen
Display Right-to-Left texts correctly
Displaying Graphite fonts correctly Android app supports Graphite for Android versions 2.3 to 4.3.
Optional footer message at bottom of each chapter
App layout can be either left-to-right or right-to-left
Custom app icon
Optional splash screen No iOS Human Interface Guidelines say to not use splash screen
Scroll up and down within a page/chapter
Swipe smoothly between pages/chapters
Swipe right-to-left between chapters in RTL scripts
Allow swiping to between books (optional setting)
Book selection popup
Chapter/page selection popup
Full Screen
Allow viewing of text in full screen mode without toolbars
Allow changing from portrait to landscape view
Allow fixing orientation to portrait or landscape for a book
Font Size and Colors
Text size popup
Allow increase/decrease font size
Colour themes: light, dark and sepia
About Box
Displays about information (as HTML)
Handles HTML links to web pages
Handles HTML links to email addresses
Handles HTML links to telephone numbers
Check expiry setting on startup
Show message if expired, and stop app if not allowed to continue.
Audio toolbar
Find audio files in app assets
Find audio files in device file system
Download audio files from internet site
Highlighting phrases as audio advances
Forward > and Back < between phrases
Forward >> and Back << between section headings
If no timings, Forward >> and Back << between chapters
Audio clips: play clip when link is tapped by user
Playback 3gp files
Search screen, and display search results
Special character buttons
Checkbox: match accents/tones
Checkbox: match whole word
Display pictures in the text
Tap on picture to see it full screen
Allow pinch zoom on illustration annotations
Picture Story Books
Picture at top of each page, text underneath
Move between pages automatically when audio is playing
Ken Burns effect (pan/zoom) for moving pictures
Background music
Handle one audio file for whole book or one audio file per page
Handle multiple audio files per page, e.g. import Bloom book
Audio toolbar appears automatically
Audio toolbar with seek bar in landscape orientation
Title toolbar in landscape orientation
Audio/title toolbars slide away after a few seconds when playing
Subtitles in landscape orientation
Contents Menu
Contents Menu shown on app startup
Handle multiple levels of contents menus
Up navigation to go up a level – back to previous contents menu
Song Books
Song Lists screen, index of songs by number and title
Decorative borders around text
Choose which books should not have borders
Choose not to show border around introduction chapter
Send analytics information to Google Analytics account
Send analytics information to Firebase Analytics account
Send analytics information to Amplitude Analytics account
Send analytics information to Amazon Mobile Analytics account
Send analytics digest information to S3 Bucket
Send analytics to multiple providers
Settings screen
Show border
Highlight synchronized phrases
User interface language
Layout direction
Share link to app on app store (Google Play or Apple App Store)
Share app installer file (apk) between devices