The following Reading App Builder documents can be downloaded as PDF files. You are free to print them for personal use and training workshops.

1. Installation InstructionsPDF (740 KB)
For both Windows and Linux: how to download and install each of the three components needed for Reading App Builder: the Java Development Kit (JDK), the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) and Reading App Builder itself.

2. Building AppsPDF (2.1 MB)
Takes you through the steps of building your first app, answers frequently asked questions, and gives you more details about font handling, audio, analytics, EPUB documents, song books and picture books.

3. Installing and Building Apps on a MacPDF (3.0 MB)
How to install Reading App Builder on a Mac, create certificates and provisioning profiles, and build both Android and iOS apps.

4. App Publishing ChecklistPDF (320 KB)
A list of things to check in an app before publishing it widely, such as proofreading, icon design, package name, keystore, copyright and licensing.

5. Distributing AppsPDF (500 KB)
Describes different ways of distributing your apps, including publishing on the Google Play store, distributing by memory card, and transferring from phone to phone with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi transfer. Includes a comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of each method.

6. Using Audacity for Audio-Text SynchronizationPDF (860 KB)
Provides detailed instructions on how to create audio synchronization timing files using Audacity.

7. Using aeneas for Audio-Text SynchronizationPDF (580 KB)
Provides detailed instructions on how to install and use aeneas to automate the synchronization of text and audio.

8. Running WorkshopsPDF (320 KB)
Tips on running Reading App Builder training workshops.

9. Creating Apps with QuizzesPDF (385 KB)
Instructions on how to create multiple-choice quizzes. Questions and answers can be in words and/or images, with an audio recording for each. Sound effects for right and wrong answers can be specified. Explanations in text and audio can be given after a user taps on an answer. There is also a French version of this document.

Video Tutorials

Reading App Builder Tutorials – includes training on topics such as adding a splash screen and logo, using audio clips, including video, understanding and using multi-layered menus.

Development Kits

These software development kits are a necessary part of Reading App Builder and will need to be installed in order to build the Android apps.

Java Development Kit – You need version 17 of the Java Development Kit (JDK). Use the Install JDK wizard within Reading App Builder to download and install the JDK.

Android Software Development Kit – Use the Install Android SDK wizard within Reading App Builder to download and install the Android SDK.

Audio Tools and Resources

Audacity – Audacity is a free and open source audio editor. Not only can it be used to edit the sound files for you app project, but it can be used to create the associated timing files that allow phrases and verses to be highlighted one-by-one as the user listens.

Other Links and Resources

Bloom – Bloom makes it easy to create simple books and translate them into multiple languages. Reading App Builder can import simple books which have been made using Bloom.

Android Asset Studio – Android Asset Studio provides an online tool, the Launcher Icon Generator, which can create a set of app icons for you from a single image file.

Firebase – The apps you build with Reading App Builder can be linked with a Firebase account for analytics, crash reporting and push notifications.

Dictionary App Builder – An app builder for dictionaries and lexicons.

Keyboard App Builder – An app builder for keyboards.

Scripture App Builder – An app builder for Bibles and Scripture portions.