Scripture App Builder 1.3 has been released.

This version includes:

  • Export to HTML:
    • Click on book(s) and right-click ‘Export to HTML’.
    • Preview the book formatting in your browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) before you build the app.
    • If your app has audio and timing files, you can also preview audio-text synchronisation in the browser.
    • Footnotes appear as tooltips.

sab html export 2a

  • Word-level timings:
    • Long phrases can now be split after a certain number of words.
    • To do this, the label for a word-level timing needs to contain an '*' followed by the index of the word to start from.
    • Examples:
      2*7 – starts at the 7th word of verse 2
      3a*5 – starts at the 5th word of phrase 3a
      3a*10 – starts at the 10th word of phrase 3a

[UPDATE: From version 1.3.1 onwards, instead of an asterisk, please use an underscore _ to mark the word-level timings]

SAB 1.3 also includes several more features and bug fixes. For more details please see the Release Notes.

Go to Download for the updated install program and Resources to access the documentation.