Scripture App Builder 2.0 has been released.

This new version includes:

  • A new all-in-one aeneas installer for Windows:
    • replacing the complex manual install of each component, and
    • including significant speed improvements for Windows users, cutting the synchronization time by up to 50%.
  • Improvements to Picture Story books with pan/zoom motion, background music, subtitles and landscape view.
Picture Story Book
  • Handling of verse segments, e.g. \v 1-2a, \v 2b, \v 5-6a, \v 6b-7
  • Illustration resizing: resizes images to contain in app to reduce app size.
  • Audio clips: you can insert short audio clips to be played when the user taps on a word, phrase or image.
  • New documentation:
    • App Publishing Checklist: Is your app ready to publish?
    • Running Workshops: Tips for running Scripture App Builder training workshops

For more details about all the enhancements and fixes in SAB 2.0 please see the Release Notes.

Go to Download for the updated install program and Resources to access the documentation.