What platforms and software will Tai Heritage Pro work in?
Tai Heritage Pro has been tested in Windows and Linux. It will work with any software that uses Graphite rendering. It will also work with most software that uses OpenType rendering in Linux, and with software that uses the Universal Shaping Engine on Windows 10. See the System Requirements page for more details on OpenType support and older versions of Windows.

What characters are included with this release?
Tai Heritage Pro covers all of the characters of the Tai Viet block in Unicode 5.2. Because of the likelihood that some will need to mix Tai Viet and Vietnamese text, it also includes all Latin characters needed for writing Vietnamese. See the Character Set Support for the full listing.

Can the Latin characters of Tai Heritage Pro be used for typesetting Latin-script text?
The Latin characters have been included as a matter of convenience. For high quality typesetting, it is recommended that a dedicated Latin font be used for the Latin text.

I prefer the alternate styles that are available for some of the characters. How do I use these?
At this time, the alternate styles are only available in applications that support Graphite features. See the document “TaiHeritagePro-features” that is included with the user documentation for details.

Can I make a web page using this font?
Yes. You can create web pages that request that Tai Heritage Pro be used to display them. In the download package we provide a WOFF font. See Using SIL Fonts on Web Pages for instructions on using fonts on web pages.

Do you supply a keyboard to use with Tai Heritage Pro?
Keyboards are currently available for Tai Dam on the Tai Dam Keyboards page.

Can I make changes to Tai Heritage Pro?
Yes! That is allowed as long as you abide by the conditions of the SIL Open Font License.