The homepage finally looks decent (we’re hoping a graphic artist will take it the extra mile) along with a bunch of introductory material coming along nicely thanks to John. He has had a real bear with trying to customize Confluence to be nice and friendly as Confluence keeps bombing on us. Twice while I’ve been writing this one blog. (JIRA bombed once but we’ve been hitting Confluence a lot harder).

Got subdomains working for www, issues, and wiki. Trying to get subversion up and running on Michael (our first intern) is the only one having any fun (except when I got to pair with him). At least he gets to red-bar, green-bar and refactor.

Yesterday, Greg stuck a green post-it on our door. It was to help people find the door, he said. I took it down. Lo and behold, Melinda comes by today and can’t find the door. The sticky note is back. We’ll see if it actually works now.