Reading over our first two blog entries, I realize that we haven’t explained our work context here. While we are getting help from people in both Calgary and California, Eric and I are co-located in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Michael is also here as our first college intern, and Alan is doing all kinds of enabling things to make this project possible. There are other people to introduce, but that can wait. The big news is this:
Shiny new logo

Today we received our shiny new logo courtesy of Berm Lee over in the states. What a great way to start a day… but it went down from there. First, the cell phone shop downstairs had their grand opening. Very loud speakers announcing the good news! Trying to think through the noise, I slogged away at some more Web content and Eric doggedly pursued our various web server installation woes. He also got subversion ready to use, we just need to set up a project next week. Michael continued with his language/writing system set up utility… he even let me write a few lines at one point just to keep my morale up.