A release candidate of WeSay 1.5 is now available. The Windows version can be downloaded here:

WeSay 1.5.37-ReleaseCandidate for Windows MSI | 53 MB | 18 Dec 2014

and there are installation instructions for Linux on the downloads page.

Most of the known bugs have been fixed, and this version is very close to being called stable. However, do check out our “Known Issues” below.

New since the Beta version

  • Send/Receive is now much more reliable and less likely to crash.
  • Keyboards in general work better on Trusty.
  • Automatic keyboard switching is now possible on Trusty, with the exception of running with GeckoFX turned on.
  • With Gecko on in Trusty, it is now possible to tab between fields if you hit the tab key twice.

Known Issues in WeSay 1.5 for Linux

While most of the hoped-for functionality is working in WeSay 1.5 on Linux, there are still a few features that need more work.

  • Display of non-roman scripts: In order to display most non-roman scripts on Linux, you will need to turn on GeckoFX. (On Windows, GeckoFX is only needed for Graphite fonts.) However, there are a number of issues with Gecko on Precise. If you need non-roman support, at this point we recommend using Trusty with Gecko turned on. However, there still may be some issues with automatic keyboard switching and tabbing between fields (need to tab twice).
  • Not all controls have been converted to use Gecko, so some will still display boxes for certain non-roman scripts. Some examples include: the History report for Send/Receive and the keyboard test area in the WeSay Configuration Tool.