We’ve received the second request for a Mac version:

How hard would it be to compile on the Mac? Seems like it couldn’t be that hard, could it, since your aim is cross-platform? At the worst, it could run in X Windows, where GTK+ supposedly works. GTK+ is not native on the Mac yet, but there are folks working on it.

WeSay has layers, roughly: UI, Model, and Persistence (database). All layers but the UI one will run on Mac, since it uses Mono. Our current UI layer uses Windows.Forms (not GTK), which runs on Linux but I don’t think on Mac. Cocoa# is a native MacOSX toolkit that is part of Mono.

It won’t be a big deal for people to make alternative UIs, whether to go to a different platform or to serve a very different persona. This is real Open Source; if the mac community wants it, they’ll find a programmer we can work with. In the meantime, Mac users can run Linux on a virtual machine; remember WeSay is designed to run on REALLY slow machines, so it’s plenty fast in a VM.