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New SIL Font News announcements list

If you wish to receive announcements about updates to any of our SIL fonts, please subscribe to our SIL Font News Google Group. This is not a discussion list, it is purely a place for SIL to give news and announcements related to all SIL font releases. Thus, it will… Read More

Release 1.100

This release adds support for additions to The Unicode Standard versions 5.2 and 6.0. Added glyphs (with OpenType and Graphite support) from the Devanagari block 0900, 093A..093B, 094E..094F, 0955..0957, 0973..0977, 0979..097A Added glyphs from the Devanagari Extended block A8E0..A8FB Added glyphs from the North Indic Number Forms block A830..A839 U+dot… Read More

Maintenance release 1.001

This release added ligature glyphs and smart code support for minority languages: 0930 with 0941 and 093C 0931 with 0941 0931 with 0941 and 093C 0930 with 0942 and 093C 0931 with 0942 0931 with 0942 and 093C Other changes: Fixed design bug in Bold font. The long I with… Read More