This release adds support for additions to The Unicode Standard versions 5.2 and 6.0.

  • Added glyphs (with OpenType and Graphite support) from the Devanagari block
    • 0900, 093A..093B, 094E..094F, 0955..0957, 0973..0977, 0979..097A
  • Added glyphs from the Devanagari Extended block
    • A8E0..A8FB
  • Added glyphs from the North Indic Number Forms block
    • A830..A839
  • U+dot (and UU+dot) is now attached under the Ra instead of the ligature version

  • Graphite feature IDs are now all four-character tags per CSS requirements
  • Minor bug fixes

For applications that do not make use of Graphite or the OpenType Stylistic Sets feature, we provide a variant font download for Nepal.

Download the release packages from the Download Page.