A new version of Asheninka (a Syllable Parser) is now available. To get an installer go to the download page.

Here is a summary of the new features of this version:

  • Added a “Try a Word” dialog for both testing words either in the list of words or not; it also shows the steps the parser took so it can help one figure out why a given word is not parsing the way one might expect.
  • Added a tool to clear out all forms in the “Correct Syllable Breaks” column in the CV Words view
  • Added hyphenation parameters (discretionary hyphen character, how many characters from front to begin and how many from end to stop). One can set these parameters independently for each of the three ways to export words.
  • Added a way to import segment/character definitions from a ParaTExt 7 project.
  • It now remembers window and most dialog locations and sizes from the last time you opened the program or dialog.
  • Improved menu layout.
  • Improved user documentation.
  • Added a document showing suggested steps to follow.
  • Fixed a bug: The parsing of segments into natural classes did not see the segments in a natural class embedded in another natural class.
  • Fixed a bug: an empty CV syllable pattern caused infinite loop when syllabifying.