A new version of Asheninka (a Syllable Parser) is now available. To get an installer go to the download page.

Here is a summary of the new features of this version:

  • Add ability to use environments to condition when a grapheme represents a given segment.
  • Add square brackets around natural class names to make it easier to recognize them as classes.
  • Make arrow keys and space bar change check boxes in choosers.
  • Change file menu items to include “project” so users do not think “new” means a new segment or some such.
  • Improve Overview document.
  • Add IPA pronunciation for ‘Asheninka’ in user documentation.
  • Fix bug: Syllable patterns chooser does not handle word boundary/Remove correctly: after saving the first time, when re-open, only shows word boundary as an option, not Remove.
  • Fix bug: When delete an item from a list, still shows one that should not be there.
  • Fix bug: Only use active items when comparing.
  • Fix bug: When first starting a view/tool and there are no items, still shows the fields as editable in the right pane.
  • Fix bug: Cannot cancel File / New process.