This maintenance beta contains the following changes:

  • Existing shapes were changed
    • U+F25B (hook M) was changed
    • U+04BB (Cyrillic lowercase h) was changed
    • U+F134, U+F135 were changed
  • New Characters were added
    • U+F260, U+F261 (bar j) were added
    • U+0334..U+0338 (combining overlays) were added — no smart code was added
    • Fourth eng U+014A variant was added
  • U+F134 and U+F135 are now deprecated and are double-encoded to U+230A and U+230B
  • Fixed tone numbers (reversed)
  • New sort order applied to font (can now view by similar shapes)
    • ViewGlyph — “View” by GlyphID
    • Any application which lets you “View” by GlyphID
  • AAT tables added
  • Graphite tables updated for Graphite 2.0
  • OpenType tables updated (as follows)
    • All Vietnamese style characters now render when the Vietnamese language is set (for The XeTeX typesetting system).
    • Removed requiredFeatureIndex in the featureIndexArray
    • Restore advance width (that Uniscribe removes) for diacritics that attach above right
      • Note: However, this can cause extra spacing in OpenType applications that do not use the Uniscribe rendering engine when these diacritics are used. This problem will continue to be worked on.

Download the newest release packages from the Download Page.

Download v4.0.12 of the release packages from the Previous Versions Page.