This is not the official release of this font although it has been tested internally and is highly functional. This is a public beta release. Please do not redistribute this public beta font.

This public beta (b2) includes the following changes:

  • Smaller diaeresis when used in combination with modifier (superscript) characters (works for OpenType now)
  • Superscript and Subscript metrics changed (this was a problem in FieldWorks)
  • Sidebearing changed for U+02D1 MODIFIER LETTER HALF TRIANGULAR COLON
  • Moved “space” to glyph ID 3 to conform to Apple’s font specifications (fixes incorrect line breaks in some OS X applications, and it also fixes incorrect text alignment/justification for certain lines of text in XeTeX)

Download the newest release packages from the Download Page.

Download v4.0.14.b2 of the release packages from the Previous Versions Page.