Make and use a USB Drive or CD-ROM installation package

Do the steps below to make and use a USB drive or CD-ROM that you can use when there is no access to the Internet to install Pathway and other required programs.

This installation package uses a bootstrap program. It looks for particular programs which are used with Pathway. If appropriate versions of those programs exist in the same folder as the bootstrap program and they are marked as Read-only, then the bootstrap program will use them instead of going to the Internet to look for them. For this to happen, you need to download the program in to a folder.

Make the installation package

  1. Add a folder on the USB Drive or CD-ROM to store the programs you will download. Then, download and save the programs listed below in that folder:

  1. Calibre

Calibre is a free and open source e-book library management system. This program is also useful for converting the e-pub output of Pathway into .mobi format for use on the Kindle. If Calibre E-book is installed, the bootstrap program will also create an association in the Windows installation so the .epub extension will launch the reader. Pathway uses this when an e-pub is created to allow the user to see the results.

  1. .Net Framework

.NET Framework is a software framework that allows programs to run in a software environment, as contrasted to run in a hardware environment. Version 4.6.1 is the version that works with Pathway. The bootstrap program will not replace a more recent version if it finds one on your computer. Download both the 32-bit version or the 64-bit version depending on your computer operating system software.

  1. Pdf XChange Lite

PDF XChange Lite allows you to read PDF documents and update the meta data. If the .pdf file type is associated with any other PDF reader, Pathway can user that software too.

  1. Java

    • Download and save both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

Java is a programming language and computing platform, and is the underlying technology that powers many programs.

  1. LibreOffice Version 5.3.1 is preferred.
    Version 3.6.4 also works

    • Download both the program and the Help files separately.

LibreOffice includes a writer, and other programs in a productivity suite.

  1. Prince

Prince is used to create PDF files. This version of pathway requires version 11.1 of Prince.

  1. Pathway

There are at least 5 possible downloads available in the artifacts column on the build server; the most-recent sprint releases or the most-recent stable releases of both the Bible Translators Edition (BTE) and Standard Edition (SE), plus XeLaTex for Windows.

download the Translation and Standard stable builds from Supporting The stable release of Pathway works with FieldWorks through version 8.3.x and Paratext through version 8.0

  1. For each program you saved to the folder, do the following:

    • Right-click the program file in the folder, and click Properties.

    • Select Read-only, and then click OK.

    • Repeat this step for each program (except the PathwayBootstrap program).

  1. PathwayBootstrap

    • It includes the PathwayBootstrap.ini file, which contains this:

The PathwayBootstrap.ini file is used to substitute version numbers in the installer names. In the case of LibreOffice, notice that an older version is commented out (;). The second number is the one used in creating the download url.

Use the installation package

  1. Insert the USB drive or CD-ROM in the computer that needs Pathway, and open the folder that contains the downloads.

  2. Double-click or open the PathwayBootstrap file.

The bootstrap wizard opens.

Do the following in the bootstrap wizard:

  • In the Welcome window, click Next.

  • In the Improve window, select or clear the check box, and then click Next.

  • In the License window, select the check box, and then click Next.

  • In the Options window, select Stable or Latest (sprint build), then click Install.

The bootstrap program reviews the programs installed on your computer. Then, it opens the Pathway Installer. The bootstrap program determines if you need the BTE or SE version of Pathway, based on the related software it did or did not find.

  1. In the Pathway Installer, do the following:

    • Click Next.

    • Select that you accept the licence agreement, and then click Next.

    • Click Next in each window until the installation begins.

  2. Do the required steps in each of the installation wizards, if any, that appear.

  3. If the PathwayBootstrap program does not install a program from the folder that you know is not yet installed on the computer, do the following with the PathwayBootstrap.ini file:

    • Clear the Read-only setting.

    • Edit the version number of that program so it matches the version you saved in the folder.

    • Save the changes.

    • Select Read-only again for this file.

    • Repeat step 2 above to run the bootstrap wizard again. Any omitted programs should be installed. You can check to see which programs are installed on a computer using the Control Panel (Start, Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs or Programs and Applications).

  4. The PathwayBootstrap program does not install the LibreOffice Help file. If LibreOffice was installed, manually install the Help files:

    • In the folder, double-click that file that has helppack in the name to launch the installer.

    • Do the steps indicated in the installation wizard.