Pathway integrates as a menu item into FieldWorks or Paratext. It can also be used as a batch process.

FieldWorks Language Explorer

After installing Pathway, when you launch the Language Explorer, you will find Pathway on the File menu in the Export… dialog if you are using version 7.x or later on Tools menu in the Utilities dialog if you are using Language Explorer 6.0.5. It will be listed as data, “Dictionary, Reversal Index”, and Format “Pathway …” Before you use Pathway, in FieldWorks on the Tools menu select Configure, and Configure Dictionary (and/or Configure Reversal) to make sure you have selected the fields you want and put them in the order you want. You can also adjust the formatting of the fields. Then on the View menu in the Lexicon list, choose Lexicon Edit. Then using the columns (or adding additional columns) filter out the entries you would like included.

FieldWorks Translation Editor

After installing Pathway, it must be enabled on the Tools menu in the Options… dialog on the Advanced tab. Once this box is ticked, Pathway will appear on the File menu in the Export list as Pathway. Before using Pathway, on the View menu, select Filters and the Filter By Book option to select the material you want Pathway to include in the output. On the File menu, select the Properties dialog and make sure the name and Abbreviations are set to reasonable and short values.


After installing Pathway, on the File menu, select the Export to Pathway dialog.


Click here for information on how to use the batch program.

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