Pathway includes a tool that will take the XHTML output (either from a dictionary or from a reversal) and modify it and the style sheet so that it will open in Word. The style names are retained. The file can then be saved in doc or docx format from Word. This is especially useful for later processing with InDesign or another tool that prefers a Word format.

To use this tool, navigate with your File Explorer to C:\Programs Files (x86)\SIL\Pathway and right click on FlexXhtmlToDoc.bat and select “Create a Shortcut”. This will make a shortcut on your desktop. Then you can launch FLEx and select either File, Export, Configured Dictionary XHTML or Configured Reversal XHTML. Either create a folder to put it in or select a folder where you can find the output and give it a name. This will open an Explorer window with the XHTML file. Drag this file and drop it on the shortcut you created, and the file will open in Word.

If you want to do additional formatting, you may want to set the page size, Select the content and choose two columns. You can display the style sheet in Word using the arrow in the lower right panel of the Styles in the tool bar. With the style panel open, click on a hyperlink. Word will highlight the name of that style. Right click on the style and select “Modify” from the pop-up menu to change the formatting of the style so that the blue underline doesn’t show. Then you could add a header or footer to your pages.

If you want to change the Paragraph style, move to the end of the paragraph, hold the shift down and use the forward arrow. This selects the paragraph mark and will also select the Paragraph style, you can right click on the style name in the side panel and modify it.