2022-06-09 (WSTech team) Ruwudu Version 2.000 (production release)

  • Split Alkalami Light font v1.300 into a new typeface called Ruwudu. Version history is available on the Alkalami History page.
  • Removed non Unicode compliant solutions
  • Removed unnecessary swash glyphs
  • Added above nukta to isolate and final U+0767
  • Reduced line spacing

Both desktop and web fonts are provided in a single, all-platforms package on the Download Page.

Known issues

Because we reduced the line spacing for this font, there is the possibility of interline collisions which might require manual intervention. This would be most likely to occur in languages which use multiple jeem-like characters sequentially in one word. In this case, turning off the stacking behaviour of jeem-like characters (ss07) for one word could fix the interline collision.