Scripture App Builder 1.5 has been released.

This new version makes use of recent improvements to automated audio-text synchronization using aeneas, including:

  • the ability to detect the length of a header section to ignore, and
  • a new Fine Tune Timings feature.

sab fine tuning2

The way aeneas works is to synthesize each phrase using a text-to-speech engine, and then compare the synthesized audio files against the input audio file to find the phrase breaks. To do this, a lot of clever mathematical computation goes on behind the scenes. In our tests we are finding that initial synchronization results are very impressive. Many thanks must go to Alberto Pettarin for his commitment to making aeneas better and better, and to Firat Özdemir for inventing the Fine Tuning feature.

Detailed instructions on how to install and run aeneas, together with some frequently asked questions, are provided in the document Using aeneas for Audio-Text Synchronization.

SAB 1.5 also includes many more features and bug fixes. For more details please see the Release Notes.

Go to Download for the updated install program and Resources to access the documentation.