Tai Heritage Pro

A typeface that reflects the traditional style of the Tai Viet script


Tai Heritage Pro can use either OpenType or Graphite rendering to achieve optimal positioning of vowels and tones. The fonts are also now available in WOFF format for the benefit of web developers. See System Requirements for details.

Language Support

The Tai people of northwestern Vietnam and surrounding areas have a long tradition of literacy in the Tai Viet script. See the complete list of Tai Viet writing systems on ScriptSource.

Weights and style

The font is available in Regular and Bold weights.
Several common alternate glyph forms are supported in Graphite. See the Design page for details.

Character set support

Tai Heritage Pro includes full support for the Unicode 5.2 Tai Viet range, and for Latin script ranges typically used in Vietnam. See the Character Set Support page for details.

Common questions

What platforms and software will Tai Heritage Pro work in?
Tai Heritage Pro has been tested in Windows and Linux. It will work with any software that uses Graphite rendering. It will also work with most software that uses OpenType rendering in Linux, and with software that uses the Universal Shaping Engine on Windows 10. See the System Requirements page for more details on OpenType support and older versions of Windows.

See full FAQ list

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