XLingPaper version 3.10.0 (for the XMLmind XML Editor version 7.2+ or 8.2+) and version 2.40.0 (for the XMLmind XML Editor version 5.3) are now available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Note: for Mac users upgrading to this version from versions before 3.7.5, please see:

  1. Using a new version of XeLaTeX; and
  2. Some changes you may need to make in your documents.

This is a maintenance version that contains some improvements to the documentation and bug fixes.

If you have not previously installed XLingPaper, you can obtain an installation program for Windows, Mac or Linux at http://software.sil.org/xlingpaper/download/.If you have already installed XLingPaper version 2.10.0 or higher and merely want to upgrade, then you will need to download and install the XLingPaper update file. See https://software.sil.org/xlingpaper/download/config-only/. Be careful to get the installer for the version of the XMLmind XML Editor you are using (it is possible to install both, if you wish). If you have modified any of the stock publisher style sheets, please be sure to make a backup of your work before running this installer. It may overwrite your modifications.

The recent changes are:

  • 3.10.0 13 December 2021
    • In section 11.44 of the user documentation,add PDFtk as another tool to use.
    • Add ability to use LibreOffice to produce MathML files in user documentation. Also add note that some have used this for phrase structure rules.
    • Add endnotes label information to user documentation.
    • Fix bug: iso69-3codes formatted via a publisher style sheet failed to use the textafter value.
    • Fix bug: when using a chapter number for figure numbers and numbered tables, the textafternumber attribute of the chapterTitleLayout element would also show when it should not.
    • Fix bug: when using glossary terms, if a term definition contained a citation, that cited reference appeared in the references even when that glossary term was never used in the document and that citation was also never used in the document.
    • Fix bug: when using XXE’s revision mechanism on a collection volume, author names in the contents could include strange letters (from the revision mechanism).
    • For the default way of producing PDF (via XeLaTeX):
      • Fix bug: using the showAsFootnoteAtEndOfAbstract attribute of an acknowledgementsLayout element could cause the PDF to fail to be produced.
      • Fix bug: when not using a style sheet and centering or forcing a table to the right, any caption with it was still to the left.
      • Fix bug: a free element whose lang attribute refers to a language element with rtl set to ‘yes’, had the wrong word order when using a publisher style sheet.
      • Fix bug: a table using percentages for column widths when shown in landscape mode, used a width that was for portrait mode.
      • Fix bug: a table using percentages for column widths when in an example, used a width that was too wide.
      • Fix bug: when using a style sheet in a book and not using a numberLayout element, if one used a text transform and left justified the title, the chapter title would still be indented and would have extra space after it.
    • For the webpage output:
      • Fix bug: when using a style sheet where an appendix has no numberLayout and there is textbefore, the textbefore value occurred after the appendix letter instead of before it.