Version Date: October 15, 2016

This release has been superseded by a subsequent release.



Please make a backup of your project before uninstalling your current version of FieldWorks.

Because this version of FieldWorks contains a model change, any projects opened in it will no longer work with previous versions (including the Alpha 3). If you use Send/Receive, all collaborators must upgrade if any of them do. Please make a backup of your data in your previous version of FieldWorks before installing this one, and make sure you can tell what version of FieldWorks made the backup. (For instance, you may choose to have subfolders within your Backups folder, one for each version of FieldWorks, such as FW 8.2, FW 8.3.0 Alpha 3, FW 8.3.)
Note that FW 8.3.0 Alpha 3 did not include a model change relative to FW 8.2.8, and there had not been one since FW 8.0.4. Thus, projects created in any version between 8.0.4 and 8.3.0 Alpha 3 could all be opened by any of those versions.

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Packages For Windows

Packages Size
FieldWorks SE Full 208 MB
FieldWorks SE Minimal 157 MB
FieldWorks BTE Full 226 MB
FieldWorks BTE Minimal 175 MB

No patch is available for this version.