Courses using Language Explorer

Indiana University

“We are using the field works program in our field methods class here at IU in the Linguistics dept. It is absolutely perfect as the language we are working with is Bantu, so the examples in the help file are perfect and we are able to coordinate the agreement patterns using the affix templates so that the program just parses perfectly.” ~ Abbie Hantgan

  • Field Methods in Linguistics

Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics

DIO was the first school to teach Language Explorer, having started teaching it in October 2006.

Relevant courses:

  • AL 5207 Field Data Management
  • AL 5406 Field Methods & Linguistic Analysis

Canada Institute of Linguistics

CANIL started to teach Language Explorer in September 2007.

Relevant course:

  • LIN 580 Field Methods: Data Management & Analysis

European Training programme

ETP started to teach Language Explorer in September 2007.

Relevant courses:

Bar-Ilan University

  • <Dr. Tsvi Sadan<, senior lecturer in Hebrew linguistics at Bar-Ilan University (Israel), held a Language Explorer workshop in July 2007. He is planning to hold a similar workshop again.

Alliance Graduate School

Applied Linguistics: Computer Use in Data Management


The Summer Institute of Linguistics at the University of North Dakota started to teach Language Explorer in summer 2008.