We welcome other developers who wish to get involved in supporting and enhancing this font.

Source Code

Abyssinica SIL is licensed according to the terms of the SIL Open Font License. The source code for the latest version is available on the Download page.

In the future, the source will be in a Github project and will contain information on how to set up your development environment. We also intend to use Github’s issue tracking mechanisms.


Abyssinica SIL is a mature product with no major changes anticipated. We will be releasing maintenance updates to fix bugs.

Ethiopic Font Developers

Abyssinica SIL uses kerning to give a better presentation of characters which might otherwise have too much space between them. If you are a font developer and wish to include kerning in your font, the list of kerning pairs is available here: Ethiopic Kerning Pairs


If you would like to contact the development team, please use the Contact form.