23 June 2023 (WSTech Team) Abyssinica SIL version 2.201

  • Fixed bug in TypeTuner support for cv46 tswa alternate

16 November 2022 (WSTech Team) Abyssinica SIL version 2.200

  • Adjusted width of U+2008 PUNCTUATION SPACE to match full stop
  • Adjusted design of U+1395 ETHIOPIC TONAL MARK KENAT
  • Fixed inconsistency between Graphite and OpenType support for cv46 tswa alternate

9 June 2021 (WSTech Team) Abyssinica SIL version 2.100

  • Added U+1E7E0..U+1E7E6, U+1E7E8..U+1E7EB, U+1E7ED..U+1E7EE, U+1E7F0..U+1E7FE
  • Modified a few kerning pairs and added kerning pairs for some of the new characters
  • Changed Latin digits (for use in Ethiopic) to use a serif style
  • Modified Ethiopic digits to have a more consistent size
  • Added cv02 to support digits with connecting above and below lines

11 September 2019 (Sharon Correll) Abyssinica SIL version 2.000

  • Added U+02D0, U+034F, U+2423, U+25CA
  • Improved design of U+1256 so the top flag touches
  • Improved design of U+1368 to fit the design of the font better
  • Improved design of U+1362 (extra space to the right)
  • Added language support for Sebat Bet Gurage and Gumuz variants
  • Added UI name strings for Graphite and OpenType features
  • Removed Stylistic Sets
  • Slight change to line spacing to make it consistent across applications
  • Unencoded most PUA characters as they are supported through Character Variants

13 December 2013 (Lorna Priest Evans) Abyssinica SIL version 1.500

  • Improved design of U+1396 and U+1399 (metrics changed for these characters)
  • Added character variants
  • Added variant glyphs for U+2D93..U+2D96 (for Blin)
  • Added variant glyphs for U+12E0..U+12E6 and U+1335 (historical usage)
  • Changed Graphite feature identifiers from integers to 4-character
    alphanumeric tags

13 December 2010 (Lorna Priest) Abyssinica SIL version 1.200

  • Updated for Unicode 6.0 (U+AB00..U+AB2F)
  • Added Stylistic Sets and Graphite Features
  • Removed AAT support

1 June 2006 (Jonathan Kew)

  • AAT source added

25 May 2006 (SIL NRSI team) Abyssinica SIL version 1.0

  • First version released under the SIL Open Font License