This release adds support for Ethiopic characters which will be included in the upcoming Unicode 14.0 release. Changes for this version include the following:

  • Added U+1E7E0..U+1E7E6, U+1E7E8..U+1E7EB, U+1E7ED..U+1E7EE, U+1E7F0..U+1E7FE (??????? ???? ?? ??? ?? ??? ??? ?? ??)
  • Modified a few kerning pairs and added kerning pairs for some of the new characters
  • Changed Latin digits (for use in Ethiopic) to use a serif style
  • Modified Ethiopic digits to have a more consistent size
  • Added cv02 to support digits with connecting above and below lines (፩፪፫ vs ፩፪፫)

Download the release packages from the Download Page.