We are pleased to announce the release of the Alkalami (pronounced al-KA-la-mi) v1.200 font.

This release includes the following changes for this version:

  • Added many characters required for codepage 1252 and macRoman
  • Deleted many Latin characters not required for codepage 1252 and macRoman
  • Added Arabic script characters: U+063F, U+0751, U+08C3 (pipelined for Unicode 13.0), U+08C4 (pipelined for Unicode 13.0)
  • Added UI name strings for OpenType features
  • Repositioned below attachment points on qaf-based isolate and final forms
  • Reworked stacking jeem/hah behavior to avoid baseline shifting bug in InDesign caused by a word containing a stacking jeem/hah
  • Changed ss07 hah medial and final forms to match jeem medial and final forms (Light only)
  • Changed ss05 (Wagaf Hack) version of U+06A0 to include single large nukta (bug in previous version of the font)
  • Added mirrored versions of some glyphs such as radical and summation
  • Increased right side-bearing for Light version of U+0623

Known Issues

No known issues.

Download the release packages from the Download Page.