The SIL Transcriber development team is pleased to announce the 2.11.1 release. It is a small improvement to the 2.11.0 release The goal of this release was to provide the option for a completely offline experience using the Desktop app. It was found that the 2.11.0 release would work if the user imported a PTF or had previous imported PTFs but if the user was beginning and the folders weren’t there, the desktop app needed to create them and so this is what the 2.11.1 release solves.

Users have three work flow options: a web app designed for team work and collaboration. An occasionally connected experience where the desktop app will set things up on the web but then work offline if desired. Occasionally connected workflows allow those using a browser and those using the desktop app to collaborate but does require some coordination so they aren’t transcribing the same material. Projects can be marked as offline available and when work is done offline and the user subsequently logs in, the changes done offline are uploaded automatically to the online project so other team members can see them. Finally a completely off line experience which is primarily designed for transcribers working by themselves who do not desire to have the Internet used for saving any of their data. Below is a list of changes are available on the full-featured desktop app.