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The web version allows you to get your project setup and to work on the transcription collaboratively (if desired).


With the Desktop app, users have three work flow options: a web app designed for team work and collaboration. An occasionally connected experience where the desktop app will set things up on the web but then work off line if desired. Occasionally connected workflows allow those using a browser and those using the desktop app to collaborate but does require some coordination so they aren’t transcribing the same material. Projects can be marked as off line available and when work is done off line and the user subsequently logs in, the changes done off line are uploaded automatically to the on line project so other team members can see them. Finally a completely off line experience which is primarily designed for transcribers working by themselves who do not desire to have the Internet used for saving any of their data.

Windows 64-bit

SIL Transcriber Desktop 2.15.9stableWindows 10111.49 MB7 Jul 2022

Windows 32-bit

32-bit versions of SIL Transcriber can be downloaded below.


A .deb version will need to be installed with a command like sudo dpkg -i filename.deb where filename is replaced by the path and name to this downloaded file.

SIL Transcriber Desktop 2.15.8stableLinux DEB87.95 MB30 Jun 2022


SIL Transcriber Desktop 2.15.9stableMac DMG164.23 MB7 Jul 2022


Setup Windows Pedal Software
Sample Flat Project Plan
Sample Hierarchical Project Plan

Deprecated version

You can download Version 1 at the Version 1 download page.