Q. Why can’t I localize Transcriber into my desired language?
A. Additional languages can be added for localization on the crowdin site. If the language you would like to add is not listed, please contact the development team and we can add it.

Q. Why do the action buttons not stay on the bar when the window is narrow
A. SIL Transcriber expects the window to be 1220×600 as a minimum size.

Q. What should I do if I don’t like the way a particular string has been translated?
A. Consider contributing the suggested translation on the crowdin site and letting us know. We can rebuild the program and release a hot fix with the adjusted translations.

Q. What are the known issues for Version 1
A. Version 1 has quite a list of known issues. Since it runs on a single machine, it doesn’t allow the same level of collaboration as SIL Transcriber 2.