For ‘General Transcription’, SIL Transcriber allows the user to upload an audio file and begin transcribing. Select the project type called General Transcription in the Upload Media dialog. The transcribed text is not synced to Paratext. Once the speech has been transcribed, this text can be copied and pasted into another application or exported as an ELAN file, if that is the program to be used next. If you have multiple audio files, start by setting up a project and if you just have a single media file, you can use the procedure described as Try It.

NB: The project type should be General Transcription and these projects will not have a Book (which refers to the book in Paratext) but will still have a reference (that can be any arbitrary system used by the project designer to structure their work). For example, it could refer to the tape number or the name of the person speaking on the tape, etc.