Version 1.0 of the Transcriber works on a single machine. It does allow for three user roles: admin, reviewer, and transcriber but they would all have to be working on a single machine. The program installs sample data which is for a left-to-right language that is not synchronizing with a Paratext project. This allows users to experiment with transcription without having to set up a project of their own. When the user is ready to work with real transcriptions, they can delete the sample and create a project of their own. If the project is linked with Paratext, the user will get additional advantages:

  • The language being transcribed can be any language including right-to-left languages.
  • Multiple transcriptions of the same audio can be compared
  • A larger transcription project can have audio files of 2-6 minutes which are managed separately

In addition to transcribing virtually any language, the user can interact with the program in any of the nine user interface languages. One of these is right-to-left. When this language is chosen, the screen will re-orient to present the options from the right side of the screen. There is a more complete description of the setup and program features in the documentation below.


Sil Transcriber 1.0.0 for Windows 10
MSI | 70.52 MB | 28 Jan 2019


SIL Transcriber beta for all platforms PDF | 154.6 KB | 7 Dec 2018
Sample Hierarchical Project Plan for all platforms XLSX | 10.2 KB | 24 May 2019
Sample Flat Project Plan for all platforms XLSX | 9.7 KB | 9 May 2020
Setup Pedable software for all platforms PDF | 154.9 KB | 16 Nov 2018