Audio Waveform

  • Click to zoom in or out or see the entire waveform.

Automatic Segmentation

  • Click to insert segment boundaries.
  • Click to change the parameters so you can control how many segments are inserted.
  • Click to loop the playback of a segment or a portion of the audio you manually selected.
  • Click to pay the previous or next segment.
  • Other controls allow you to manually add or remove segments.
  • Keyboard shortcut keys (hot keys)
  • Move your mouse pointer over the controls to see their keyboard shortcut.

Paratext Integration

  • Round-trip Paratext integration is improved.

    Section headers and poetry markers do not make the round trip. However, notes and paragraphs are now preserved making a true round trip a viable workflow, like this:

  • Transcribe the audio.
  • Push the transcription to Paratext.
  • Edit the transcription in Paratext for improved translation (for example with key terms checks or parallel passage review, etc).
  • Record a new version of the audio which includes the improvements.
  • Rather than transcribing from scratch, pull the transcription back to SIL Transcriber as a draft for the transcription of the new version of the audio.

User Interface and other improvements

  • Getting Started and the New Audio Project dialog box have been simplified.
  • Note that deleted rows on the sections data sheet are removed when saving now.
  • On flat plans, there is no longer a passage column (which was always 1).
  • The flat sample spreadsheets have been updated.
  • The authentication process is now more secure.
  • We now have links to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policies on the user menu.
  • The audio recorder has been successfully tested with audio files up to 30 minutes in length although we generally recommend using passages of about a paragraph of audio as it is easier and faster to work with smaller files. Audio files longer than an hour have been problematic. (Longer files may be able to be recorded in Audacity and imported.)
  • The help file refers to an Audacity feature which is planned for a future release.
  • If you would like to see SIL Transcriber localized into more languages and especially if you can help make it happen, let us know.