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Awami Nastaliq is a TrueType font with smart font capabilities added using the Graphite font technology. The font includes a number of optional features that provide alternative rendering that might be preferable for use in some contexts. The chart below enumerates the details of these features. Whether these features are available to users will depend on the application being used.

See Using Font Features. Although that page is not targeted at Arabic script support, it does provide a comprehensive list of applications that make full use of both the OpenType and Graphite font technologies.

See also Arabic Fonts — Application Support. It provides a fairly comprehensive list of applications that make full use of the Graphite font technology.

This page uses web fonts (WOFF) to demonstrate font features. However, it will only display correctly in Mozilla Firefox. For a more concise example of how to use Awami Nastaliq as a web font see AwamiNastaliq-webfont-example.html in the font package web folder.

If this document is not displaying correctly a PDF version is also provided in the documentation/pdf folder of the release package.

End of Ayah (U+06DD), subtending marks (U+0600..U+0605)

These Arabic characters are intended to enclose or hold one or more digits.

Specific technical details of how to use them are discussed in the Arabic fonts FAQ — Subtending marks.

Customizing with TypeTuner

For applications that do not make use of Graphite features or the OpenType Character Variants, you can now download fonts customized with the variant glyphs you choose. Read this document, visit TypeTuner Web, then choose the variants and download your font.

Character variants

There are some character shape differences in different languages which use the Arabic script. These can be accessed by using Graphite features.

Unless otherwise indicated, the first feature in a table is the default.

Hook on medial heh-goal

Affects: U+06C1, U+06C2

Feature Sample Feature setting
True بہب بۂب hehk=1
False بہب بۂب hehk=0

Initial heh doachashmee

Affects: U+06BE

Feature Sample Feature setting
Heart shape ھا hedo=0
Round ھا hedo=1

Lam with V

Affects: U+06B5

Feature Sample Feature setting
V over stem ڵ ڵبڵبڵ lamv=0
V over bowl ڵ ڵبڵبڵ lamv=1

Full Stop

Affects: U+06D4

Feature Sample Feature setting
Dash ججج۔ cv85=0
Dot ججج۔ cv85=1


Affects: U+0021, U+0022, U+0027, U+0028, U+0029, U+002A, U+002B, U+002D, U+002F, U+003A, U+003C, U+003D, U+003E, U+005B, U+005C, U+005D, U+007B, U+007C, U+007D, U+00AB, U+00AD, U+00B1, U+00B7, U+00BB, U+00D7, U+2004, U+2010, U+2011, U+2012, U+2013, U+2014, U+2015, U+2018, U+2019, U+201A, U+201C, U+201D, U+201E, U+2022, U+2025, U+2026, U+2027, U+2030, U+2039, U+203A, U+2212, U+2219

Default uses Arabic-style punctuation for right-to-left segments and Latin-style for left-to-right segments

Feature Sample Feature setting
Default ! ” ‘ ( ) * + – / : [ \ ] { } « ­ ± · » ×   ‐ ‑ ‒ – — ― ‘ ’ ‚ “ ” „ • ‥ … ‧ ‰ ‹ › − ∙ punc=0
Arabic ! ” ‘ ( ) * + – / : [ \ ] { } « ­ ± · » ×   ‐ ‑ ‒ – — ― ‘ ’ ‚ “ ” „ • ‥ … ‧ ‰ ‹ › − ∙ punc=1
Latin ! ” ‘ ( ) * + – / : [ \ ] { } « ­ ± · » ×   ‐ ‑ ‒ – — ― ‘ ’ ‚ “ ” „ • ‥ … ‧ ‰ ‹ › − ∙ punc=2


Affects: U+0652

Feature Sample Feature setting
Open down بْ ◌ْ cv78=1
Open left بْ ◌ْ cv78=2


Affects: U+0654, U+0655, U+0623, U+0624, U+0626, U+0675, U+076C, U+0681, U+06C2, U+06D3

Feature Sample Feature setting
Urdu style ء أ ؤ بؤ إ ۂ بۂ ۓ بۓ ٵ ݬ بݬ ځ بځ بځب بٔ بٕ hamz=0
Arabic style ء أ ؤ بؤ إ ۂ بۂ ۓ بۓ ٵ ݬ بݬ ځ بځ بځب بٔ بٕ hamz=1

Word spacing

Feature Sample Feature setting
Extra tight کیوں جو انسانی حقوق کنوں wdsp=0
Tight کیوں جو انسانی حقوق کنوں wdsp=1
Medium (default) کیوں جو انسانی حقوق کنوں wdsp=2
Wide کیوں جو انسانی حقوق کنوں wdsp=3
Extra wide کیوں جو انسانی حقوق کنوں wdsp=4

Short forms

Affects: kafs & gafs: U+06A9, U+06AF, U+0643, U+06B1, U+06B3, U+06AB, U+06B0; finals: U+06CC, U+0633, U+0642, U+0644, U+0645, U+0646, U+06B5, U+06D0, U+0626, U+06CE, U+06BA, U+06BB, U+06B9, U+0768, U+0769

Feature Sample Feature setting
None دیکھتی کنسلٹنٹس نگھنے تکمیل shrt=0
Kafs and gafs دیکھتی کنسلٹنٹس نگھنے تکمیل shrt=1
Finals دیکھتی کنسلٹنٹس نگھنے تکمیل shrt=2
All (default) دیکھتی کنسلٹنٹس نگھنے تکمیل shrt=3

Collision avoidance

Feature Sample Feature setting
Off پیٹی اؔبِیجیل تحرِیج agca=0
Kern-only پیٹی اؔبِیجیل تحرِیج agca=1
Not implemented agca=2
On (default) پیٹی اؔبِیجیل تحرِیج agca=3

End of Ayah and Subtending marks

This is not technically a feature, but we find it useful to demonstrate the use of these characters.

Firefox allows you to use U+06DD followed by the digits and proper rendering occurs. However, surrounding the sequence with U+202D and U+202C seems to give the most reliable results in different browsers, and so this font requires those characters in order to display properly.

Character Sample
(U+202D U+06DD U+06F1 U+06F2 U+06F3 U+202C)
‭۝۱۲۳‬ ‭۝۱۲‬ ‭۝۱‬
(U+202D U+0600 U+06F1 U+06F2 U+06F3 U+202C)
‭؀۱۲۳‬ ‭؀۱۲‬ ‭؀۱‬
(U+202D U+0601 U+06F1 U+06F2 U+06F3 U+202C)
(U+202D U+0602 U+06F1 U+06F2 U+202C)
‭؂۱۲‬ ‭؂۱‬
(U+202D U+0603 U+06F1 U+06F2 U+06F3 U+202C)
‭؃۱۲۳‬ ‭؃۱۲‬ ‭؃۱‬

Paragraph of text

This sentence comes from the Saraiki UDHR.

Sample Feature setting
اقوام متحدہ نے ہر کہیں دے حقوق دی حفاظت تے ودھارے دا جھنڈا اچار کھڻ دا ارادہ کیتا ہوے۔ ایہو ڄئے و حشیانہ کماں دی صورت وچ ظاہر تھئی ہے hehk=1, hedo=0, hamz=0, shrt=3
اقوام متحدہ نے ہر کہیں دے حقوق دی حفاظت تے ودھارے دا جھنڈا اچار کھڻ دا ارادہ کیتا ہوے۔ ایہو ڄئے و حشیانہ کماں دی صورت وچ ظاہر تھئی ہے hehk=0, hedo=1, hamz=1, shrt=2