2021-Apr-29 (SIL WSTech team) Awami Nastaliq Version 2.200

  • Improved spacing and kerning involving punctuation
  • Corrected nuqtas in dul character
  • Fixed collision bug that manifested itself in Paratext
  • Fixed other obscure bugs

2021-Jan-18 (SIL WSTech team) Awami Nastaliq Version 2.100

  • Added four honorific ligatures
  • Adjusted shapes of lam + alef combination, certain reh forms, medial heh goal + reh
  • Adjusted position of honorific diacritics
  • Adjusted position of superscript-alef on lam
  • Added special ligature forms for three words
  • Added short forms of jeem+bariyeh, beh+qaf/waw, final jeem, final ain
  • Added wider form of jeem+kaf combination where needed
  • Improved alignment of kafs, alef, and bariyeh with the right margin
  • Increased spacing when sequences overlap
  • Improved kerning of punctuation
  • Improved kerning for rehs and other final forms
  • Improved connections with medial/final fehs

2019-Jun-19 (SIL WSTech team) Awami Nastaliq Version 2.000

  • Ten new characters – U+06C8, U+06CA, U+06CB, U+06CF, U+077E, U+077F, U+0695, U+06A4, U+08C7, U+221A
  • Adjust behavior of nuqtas over sequences of beh/teh/theh/peh/etc.
  • Changed shape of beh+seen and beh+sad before sad, tah, ain, feh, qaf, and final noon.
  • Improved glyph-shape approximations for automatic collision fixing
  • Adjusted diagonal cluster fitting involving short sequences
  • Adjusted shape of meem heads
  • Adjusted behavior of final-reh + zer
  • Added and tweaked anchors
  • Added smaller flat nukta for certain cases
  • Adjusted shape of pre-jeem medial lam, keheh and gaf
  • Adjusted position of salaam ulena ligature
  • Adjusted position of Arabic zero characters
  • Reduced size of U+060E
  • Fixed bugs in bariyeh attachments
  • Removed “Show invisible characters” feature
  • Fixed bug in “Hamza” feature (Arabic style setting)
  • Adjusted design of U+06BA (noon ghunna) to match Unicode recommendations
  • Tweaked glyph shapes and sizes

2018-Apr-24 (SIL NRSI team) Awami Nastaliq Version 1.101

  • Fixed bug in positioning of final reh

2018-Apr-03 (SIL NRSI team) Awami Nastaliq Version 1.100

  • Added characters: U+0604, U+0609, U+060A, U+060B, U+061C, U+0649, U+0659, U+066E, U+066F, U+0671, U+068E, U+069E, U+06A1, U+06B7, U+06C9, U+06E0, U+06E1, U+06EA, U+06ED, U+0763, U+0772, U+0773, U+0774, U+0775, U+0776, U+0777, U+0778, U+0779, U+077A, U+077B, U+077C, U+077D, U+FDFC
  • Adjusted shapes of sad, heh-doachashmee, some jeem forms, initial ains, and alternate-height kafs and gafs
  • Improved shape of shadda
  • Fixed right side-bearing problems with kafs, gafs, seens, and bariyeh
  • Made bariyeh right-joining only
  • Made many small glyph shape improvements
  • Improved collision handling for special cases
  • Added an omitted feature to TypeTuner capability
  • Redesigned salaam ulena ligature
  • Improved punctuation kerning
  • Include auto-hinting for Latin characters
  • Fixed bug in noon-ring implementation
  • Fixed positioning problems in end of ayah

2017-Jul-17 (SIL NRSI team) Awami Nastaliq Version 1.000

  • Adjusted spacing issues between some characters
  • Adjusted anchors on many glyphs
  • Adjusted digit kerning
  • Adjusted design of Kafs/Gafs/Lams/Meems
  • Fixed font compression problems on OSX
  • Changed design of U+061B
  • Improved design of initial and medial U+067C (teh ring)
  • Removed U+FEFB (lam/alef ligature)
  • Tweaked positioning of some character combinations

2017-Apr-11 (SIL NRSI team) Awami Nastaliq Beta3

  • Changed angle of vertical strokes on alef, lam, kaf, gaf, and tah forms
  • Increased the line height by 20%
  • Changed shapes of a number of letter forms: tah, bariyeh, feh (head shape), dal, reh, some meems, some heh-goals, isolate kaf/gaf, some initial jeems, pesh, dopesh, name marker
  • Added Arabic style punctuation; cleaned up behavior of Arabic vs. Latin style punctuation
  • Added visible versions of invisible characters such as directional markers, directional embedding, no-break spaces, etc.
  • Added features: Full stop alternate (dash vs. dot) and Punctuation (default, Arabic, or Latin)
  • Added 06CE – yeh with small V; 06D5 – Ae
  • Adjust size of spaces to match rescaling that happened in beta-2 version
  • Fixed bugs in hamza feature
  • Cleaned up positions of diacritics

2016-Dec-7 (SIL NRSI team) Awami Nastaliq Beta2

  • Increased font size by 15%
  • Redesigned seen forms
  • Redesigned nuqtas, made a them little smaller and closer together
  • Implemented feature to allow shorter kafs/gafs and some final forms (noon, seen, chotiyeh, bariyeh, qaf, meem, lam) when the sequences get very high
  • Added feature to allow alternate position of V over lam
  • Added Arabic style quote marks at a higher position than Latin
  • Scaled subtending marks more appropriately
  • Hand-tweaked some combinations to make more readable
  • Added U+06B0 GAF WITH RING
  • Added “salaam ulena” ligature
  • Redesigned initial beh before meem
  • Made nuqta positions on seens and sads more consistent
  • Reworked ain connections
  • Fixed shape of Arabic 4 and 5
  • Adjusted various letter shapes

2016-Aug-1 (SIL NRSI team) Awami Nastaliq Beta1

  • Beta1 release based on Alpha2 feedback
  • Additional characters and features added

2016-May-16 (SIL NRSI team) Awami Nastaliq Alpha2

  • Alpha2 release based on Alpha1 feedback
  • Additional characters and features added

2015-Dec-04 (SIL NRSI team) Awami Nastaliq Alpha1

  • Preliminary design font for initial feedback

2014-Sep-10 (SIL NRSI team) Awami Nastaliq Preliminary work

  • Preliminary design of isolate characters