This product has been discontinued and is no longer supported, but it is actively used in SIL FieldWorks, SIL Encoding Converters, and other current applications.


Consistent Changes (CC) is useful for finding all occurrences of specified characters, words, or phrases in a text file or series of text files, and then changing them in a consistent way. The change may be done in every occurrence found or only when certain conditions are met.

CC is like the find-and-replace feature in a text editor, but much more powerful because it allows you to make changes which take context into consideration and to make a whole set of changes at once. Beyond the search and replace feature, CC has conditional logic controls and arithmetic and numerical controls that can be used to count items (characters, words, or phrases), insert or remove text, reorder parts of a file, and do many other things while processing the input file.

In order to use the CC program, you build a text file that describes the changes you want to make. This file is called a changes table. You may use an existing changes table, modify an existing table, or create your own table.

Version 8.1.8 adds the following feature:

  • 64-bit program

Version 8.1.6 adds the following feature:

  • Handles CC tables with Unicode BOM.

Version 8.1.5 adds the following features:

  • Windows program for running CC tables on files
  • CC debugger
  • Unicode support (UTF8 only)

The original Consistent Changes User’s Guide is in the DOS program ZIP file.

See ReadMe.txt and Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks.doc (included in the Windows program ZIP file) for more details on the changes to CC, including Unicode support, new commands, command line options, etc.


Consistent Changes Program 8.1.8 for Windows 64-bit ZIP | 1.70 MB | 28 Jan 2020
Consistent Changes Program 8.1.6 for Windows ZIP | 868.9 KB | 27 Sep 2005
Consistent Changes Program 8.1.5 for Windows ZIP | 875.6 KB | 11 Dec 2002
Consistent Changes Program 7.5 for DOS ZIP | 191.3 KB | 10 Feb 2001

Consistent Changes for Publishing

This course is designed specifically for those applications involved in preparing a manuscript for publishing. All examples and exercises are taken from that context. Course coverage includes all CC commands and many helpful techniques. This course used to be taught at the International Publishing Services (IPub) of SIL. By making this course available in PDF format, it should be noted that some references to text files, CC tables, and file locations are specific to the training provided at IPub. Therefore, this file is provided to you as is, for your use only. We can not supply support for this course outside of the IPub training department. For more information about IPub training courses, including training for Field Publishing Specialists, contact IPub at the address below.

Consistent Changes Publishing Course 7.5 for DOS ZIP | 389.1 KB | 10 Feb 2001


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