The Demo Movies demonstrate many of the features of FieldWorks Language Explorer (FLEx). While they were made with FieldWorks 6, many of the videos are still applicable in the latest versions. That being said, they do not contain some of the latest developments in FieldWorks 7, 8, or 9, such as the new Notebook area in FLEx.

Watch Training Videos Online

You can view the old movies and a few new ones (about Send/Receive and how to use the audio writing system) in Vimeo a by clicking here.

They can also be accessed from FieldWorks by clicking Help -> Demo Movies (online) in version 9.x, which will bring up a list of the available videos so you can watch the ones you want.

Download and Watch Training Videos Offline

If you want to watch the old videos offline, you can do that by:

  1. Download the installer appropriate for the version of FieldWorks you are running.
    • For FieldWorks 8, download this (210 MB).
    • For FieldWorks 9 (32-bit), download this (210 MB).
    • For FieldWorks 9 (64-bit), download this (210 MB).
  2. Double-click the msi file you downloaded.
  3. For version 8.x, once the installation completes (it just takes a minute), you can access the movies by clicking Help > Demo Movies in FLEx and a list of the available movies will be displayed.
  4. For version 9.x, this will copy the old videos to the C:\Program Files\SIL\FieldWorks 9\Language Explorer\Movies. You can double-click the .mp4 files to watch them in your default mp4 player program, or create shortcuts to them.

There is no installer for the movies for Linux. Linux users can view the movies online.