Starting with version 9.0.8, it’s easier than ever for multiple people to contribute to the translation of the user interface for FieldWorks by using Crowdin. Before you use Crowdin, please send an email to saying what you would like to do (e.g. be a translator or a proofreader of the localization data) and if appropriate, you will receive an invitation to create an account so you can work on this data. The address of Crowdin is

The FieldWorks user interface is available in a number of languages. For many languages, the semantic domain list is also available, and for some the “list items” (terms like “prefix/suffix or “compound/derivative”) are translated.

The available User Interface translations and Semantic Domain translations are installed with FLEx. To get the latest version of the translated lists, just add that language as an analysis language. If you have an existing project that already has this language as an analysis language, and there are translations newer than what you have, you will need to import the updated translated list to get the new content. Expand the section below for instructions on how to do this.

If the localization package you want is updated for a released version, you can see the change on the release page of the distribution in the “What’s New” section. Installing the version of FieldWorks will automatically include the most recent version of the localization packages.

If you find errors in the translations or would like to contribute to existing or future translations, please send your feedback.

Below is the status of translated material for all of the languages with existing translated content

Semantic Domains only

User Interface and Semantic Domains

User Interface only