The primary new features in FieldWorks 8.2 are:

  • Upgrade mercurial to fix some Send/Receive problems. The FLEx Send/Receive functionality is now using a new version of the underlying version control system. While most users were not experiencing problems before, there were a few serious issues that could only be addressed by changing to a new version.
  • Build natively on Ubuntu 14.04 and 16.04. Until now, there have been many issues with the version of FieldWorks on the current Long Term Support version of Linux, but we now believe many of these have been solved.
  • Many keyboard improvements on Linux. Most of the known problems and crashes on Ubuntu 14.04 related to automatic keyboard switching have been fixed. All of this is greatly improved.
  • Make FLEx work with Keyman 9.0.
  • Upgrade Graphite to Graphite2. Now Graphite is fully integrated into the Linux version of FLEx (including Font Features), and the performance in Windows should be faster.

Bugs fixed since 8.2.8

  • Fix alignment in interlinear export to XLingPaper.
  • Make sure pejorative language names do not show up in the Writing Systems setup dialog.

Bugs fixed since 8.2.7

  • In Flex Bridge, fix a bug in the password entry field with internet Send/Receive.
  • In Flex Bridge, fix a data loss bug when merging certain types of elements. LT-17461
  • Fix a problem with the Find and Fix Errors utility that leaves projects damaged. LT-17073
  • Make it more obvious that a LIFT export should be into a folder. LT-17423
  • Fix a bug with not handling XAmple reduplication SEC failure messages. LT-17385
  • Fix the parser to generate correct matches for wildcard vowels. LT-17389

Bugs fixed since 8.2.5/6

  • Fixed failure to start Flex when machine fails to return memory info. LT-17214
  • Fix problem with internet Send/Receive on Windows when using French User Interface. LT-17132
  • The HermitCrab parser parses now have correct inflectional features. LT-17152
  • Fix the way the HermitCrab parser applies metathesis rules. LT-17076
  • Morpheme breaks are no longer flagged as invalid in Affix Process Rules. LT-16899
  • Fix various crashes using the Complex Concordance. LT-16957, LT-16293, LT-16249
  • Fix a Telugu rendering problem in Windows 10. LT-17292
  • New Linux version: FieldWorks is now available on Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial.

Bugs fixed since 8.2.4

  • Fix crash editing morphemes with a Keyman 9 keyboard. LT-16895
  • Import Translated Lists operation no longer ignores translations for second and later occurrences of an item. LT-16782
  • Add “Research Plan” field to Documents view and Notebook export. LT-16763
  • Add custom fields to Notebook export. LT-16085
  • Free translations lost after any Back Translation error importing from ParaTExt. LT-16743
  • Correct Linux problem where Send/Receive localizations were failing to initialize correctly. LT-16918

Bugs fixed since 8.2.3

  • Correct misplaced cursor when splitting Morphemes using Keyman 9. LT-16766
  • Localization for “Append to Gloss” field can now be shared across projects. LT-16734
  • Hermit Crab now requires graphemes to be specified for phonemes. LT-16771
  • Solve problem with deleting entries when collaborating with WeSay. LT-16804

Bugs fixed since 8.2.2

  • Update the semantic domains for Chinese and Spanish.
  • Add translated Semantic Domain lists for Burmese and Malay.
  • Fix a rare bug where a lexical relation link pointed to the wrong sense. LT-16254, LT-16283
  • Fix a crash with the Korean keyboard. LT-16673
  • Enable viewing S/R project messages on Linux. LT-16675
  • Fix two internal errors in the Hermit Crab parser. LT-16697, LT-16698
  • Fix a problem with footnotes when accessing Paratext texts in FieldWorks Texts & Words. LT-16661
  • Prevent error message about pictures when accessing Paratext texts in FieldWorks Texts & Words. LT-16662

Bugs fixed since 8.2.1

  • In Linux, correct a crash when attempting to import texts from ParaTExt. LT-16615
  • Correct SFM import error when mapping to a custom variant field. LT-16624
  • In Linux, correct crash when typing in pronunciation fields that are not yet expanded. LT-16255
  • Display complete “Cannot open project’ message when this error is encountered. LT-16571
  • Correct crash on Linux when cancelling import of ParaTExt data. LT-16647
  • Correct problems when using Keyman 9 with tables using NFD context. LT-16637
  • Prevent Choose Texts dialog from importing texts before they are selected. LT-16636
  • Add translated list for semantic domains for Swahili.

Bugs fixed since 8.1.4

  • Correct some message processing in the conflict message dialog box. LT-16600
  • Fix display glitches in the welcome dialog. LT-16571
  • Fix for Duplicate Guid when sharing through LIFT. LT-16201
  • In Linux, fix backspacing in Morphemes. LT-16593
  • Fix SFM import transform to handle inline markers in String fields. LT-16590
  • Allow inserting multiple media files at the same time. LT-16566
  • Correct Lexical relation name in Paratext Related Words. LT-16288, LT-16576
  • Improve Error Message when associating Paratext 7.6 with an open Flex project. LT-16119
  • Allow association of Flex with Paratext 7.6 in Linux. LT-16281
  • Correct Help button for researchers field.
  • Allow Send/Receive of projects with non-ascii characters in their names. LT-16306, LT-15659
  • Add a utility to sort reversal subentries. LT-16468
  • Correct crash merging senses in another window.LT-16403
  • Refresh Inflection Features after insertion or deletion of a feature value. LT-14629
  • Change default for Rapid Word Collection to Gloss instead of Definition. LT-16490
  • Prevent user from entering illegal characters in dictionary configuration which will cause problems later. LT-16525
  • Allow attaching and playing .mp3 files in audio writing system. LT-15766
  • Prevent crash when undoing Approve in the interlinearizer. LT-15320
  • Correct circular reference in Try a Word in Linux. LT-16250
  • Correct Burmese rendering problems with Ekaya keyboard. LT-15565
  • Correct a race condition when entering a lexical entry. LT-15878
  • Correct an error in drop-down control processing. LT-15809
  • Save a busy user’s work at least every 5 minutes.LT-16553
  • Don’t reset Free Translations on Replace All. LT-16331
  • In Linux, restore default keyboard when switching to another app.
  • In Linux, correct a crash when clicking Try it button [HermitCrab]. LT-16080
  • In Linux, don’t insert text into active field when the Find dialog is open. LT-16452
  • Correct many Linux keyboard errors. LT-16242, LT-15870, LT-16237