Just after we released FW 8.3.3, a number of users reported odd behavior with the display. This only affects anyone who has adjusted the DPI settings on their Windows machine, but the effects were significant: upon refresh, the FieldWorks window would either shrink or grow, and would jump, and in some cases it moves in such a way that you cannot resize it properly.
Although this affects a small number of users, the effects were significant enough we felt we needed to release a fix as soon as possible. Thus, we have just released FieldWorks 8.3.4 to fix this problem.

This releases replaces 8.3.3 because it is the same except for the display fix.

(Note, however, that projects opened in FW 8.3.3/4 can no longer be opened in FW 8.3.1Beta1 or earlier.)

Bugs fixed since 8.3.2 Beta2

  • LT-18103 Correct odd behavior in display.
  • LT-18023 Adjust settings due to Webonary change that prevented uploads.
  • Make the xhtml generation more tolerant of bad configs
  • LT-17840 Enable NBSP and NNBSP in Before/After boxes.
  • LT-17926 In Manage Views, make a visual distinction between deleting or resetting views.
  • LT-18017 Correct migration of Reversal Entry style.
  • LT-17023 Correct status bar count in upload to Webonary from Lex Edit.
  • LT-17941 Add dialect labels(Entry,Senses) columns to Lexicon -> Collect Words -> Configure Columns dialog box.
  • LT-15281 Avert crash in importing SFM data.
  • LT-18031 Correct crash when sorting on Extended Note column in Lexicon Edit.
  • LT-18036 Correct yellow screen when loading Hermit Crab environments.
  • LT-17502 Correct a Paratext “Find in Dictionary” error.
  • LT-17918 Allow sorting Complex Forms.
  • LT-18010 Resolve issue with refreshing/flicker in the dictionary preview pane.
  • LT-17976 Add Morph Type to the Dictionary Config for affixes.
  • LT-18059 Correct crash when sorting by Complex Form Type.
  • LT-18058 Correct sort issues with the Etymology fields.
  • LT-18020 Correct bulk delete behavior for Etymology form.
  • LT-17886 Correct broken find call when searching in the Dictionary view.
  • LT-18073 Correct crash when refreshing disposed Dictionary Preview.
  • LT-18086 Restore missing check boxes under Sense/Subsenses/Subentries nodes in Linux.
  • LT-18091 Retain style settings from 8.2 and older during migration.