Release Date: September 27, 2022

We are glad to announce that the FieldWorks version 9.1.15 is being released. We are calling this version a Release Candidate rather than a Beta and if no serious issues are found, we will call it Stable after a week or so

For more specifics about version 9.1 and the changes made, see the beta release notes

Bugs fixed in version 9.1.15

  • LT-18315 Letter Headings are now correct if sorting is by something other than Headword.
  • LT-20698 Support provided. Non-US time separators can be fixed with the “Write Everything” utility.
  • LT-20800 Notify of model changes before install.
  • LT-21078 Prevent from showing up in Dictionary and Webonary.
  • LT-21090 FLEx no longer generates illegal CSS rules for Numbering, that cause Pathway to fail.
  • LT-21105 Install the latest version of the XAmple parser to prevent crashes.
  • LT-21106 Fix crash when breaking certain words into morphemes.
  • LT-21112 Fix crash starting FLEx when the project refers to a keyboard that is not installed on the computer.