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Lexical data can be formatted within FLEx for previewing what the data could look like in a printed dictionary, or to prepare for an export to create a publication.

Fields can be omitted, reordered, formatted, writing systems selected, and labels or symbols inserted.

Each entry, sense, and example sentence can be deselected to exclude them from a particular publication. In this way, different overlapping sets of entries can be prepared for different publications e.g. a pocket glossary versus a full dictionary. An entry can be omitted entirely, or only from the list of entries and still be included when referenced in other entries.

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Users can save and switch between any number of customized dictionary configurations.


FLEx relies on the plug-in Pathway to create impressive dictionary documents in Open/Libre Office, PDF, InDesign and even eBook format. The process is initiated in FLEx in the File>
Export dialog, where Pathway is offered if installed. Pathway supplies the page layout (according to customizable templates) but uses the configuration of the entries and the data set you have chosen in FLEx. Pathway also offers a website creation solution which uses WordPress, currently called Webonary. Here’s a website built from data in FLEx using Webonary.