Data Migrations

Before version 7 of FieldWorks, SQL Server was used to store project data. Afterwards, the program was radically changed and program data is now stored in an XML file. Because of this change, data used in older versions of FieldWorks cannot simply be opened in FieldWorks 7 or later, but must be migrated to the new format. During the installation of FieldWorks 7.0, you will be given the opportunity to migrate projects to the new format. A copy of each project you select will be migrated to this newer version.

This migration will require access to SQL Server in order to be able to read the old format data. This is available if the version 6 (or earlier) version of FieldWorks is still installed, or when FLEx is attempting to migrate data, it may ask you to install additional software.

If you have version 6 (or earlier) data that you may want to open in version 7 (or later), you should create a backup in the earlier version that includes XML. Then you will be able to migrate it into the later version of FieldWorks using File > Project Management > Restore without having to install anything extra.

When new fields are added to the FieldWorks data model, the project data needs to be changed to allow for that. This migration happen automatically when opening a project in a version that expects these changes. However, once a project is opened in a version of FLEx that has migrated the data, it cannot be opened in a version that does not recognize the changes. Also those collaborating using Send/Receive, must be using versions of FlEx that are of the same data model.
Version 8.0.5 up to 8.3.0 can share data
Version 8.3.1 has a significant data model change. Other model changes are at versions 8.3.2, 9.0.0, and 9.0.1.
In version 9.0.8, there was a model change for FLExBridge. So, versions of FLExBridge prior to version 9.0.8 cannot Send/Receive with later versions.

Project Files locations and contents

In FieldWorks 7 and later, project files are grouped together in one folder. The default location of the project folders in Windows 7/8/10/Vista: is under C:\ProgramData\SIL\FieldWorks\Projects. You can also get the location in the text box listed at File-> Project Management-> Project Locations and Sharing… That lists the location of the project folders. Users can store pictures, sound files and other linked files within the project folder. If your project dates from an earlier version, your pictures and sound files are probably stored somewhere else on your computer. FieldWorks will offer to move these files for you after you have been using FieldWorks 7+ for a little while (9 times.)

To move them to the new location now, within FieldWorks use File > Project Management > FieldWorks Project Properties. Click on the Linked Files tab. Use the Browse button to browse for a different Linked Files folder. Browse for the following location, or choose a different one of your choice.

Windows 7/8/10/Vista: C:\ProgramData\SIL\FieldWorks\Projects\ProjectName\Linked Files

Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\SIL\FieldWorks\Projects\ProjectName\Linked Files

When you click OK, FieldWorks will offer to move the currently linked files to this new location.

Once you have moved the linked files for all the projects you care about, you can complete your housekeeping by deleting the entire “FieldWorks” folder if you desire:

Windows 7/8/10/Vista: C:\ProgramData\SIL\FieldWorks\

Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\SIL\FieldWorks\