Galatia SIL, designed to support Biblical Polytonic Greek, is a Unicode 3.1 font released under the SIL Open Font License. The font supports precomposed characters rather than decomposed characters. Thus, you must use a keyboard that outputs NFC encoding (precomposed).

Supported character ranges

Unicode block Galatia SIL support
C0 Controls and Basic Latin U+0020..U+007E
C1 Controls and Latin-1 Supplement U+00A0..U+00FF
Latin Extended-A U+0152..U+0153, U+0160..U+0161, U+0178
Latin Extended-B U+0192
Combining Diacritical Marks U+0300..U+0301, U+0304, U+0306, U+0308, U+0313..U+0314, U+0342..U+0345
Greek (excluding Coptic) U+0374..U+0375, U+037A, U+037E, U+0384..U+038A, U+038C, U+038E..U+03A1, U+03A3..U+03CE, U+03D0..U+03D7, U+03DA..U+03E1, U+03F0..U+03F5
Greek Extended U+1F00..U+1F15, U+1F18..U+1F1D, U+1F20..U+1F45, U+1F48..U+1F4D, U+1F50..U+1F57, U+1F59, U+1F5B, U+1F5D, U+1F5F..U+1F7D, U+1F80..U+1FD3, U+1FD6..U+1FEF, U+1FF2..U+1FF4, U+1FF6..U+1FFE

A selection of characters from various other Unicode blocks is included in Galatia SIL. A utility such as SIL ViewGlyph can be used to examine the exact repertoire of this font.

Data Conversion

Data typed with the old SIL Galatia fonts will have to be re-typed or converted before it will display with the Unicode-compliant Galatia SIL fonts. Two draft conversion programs for these fonts are available here. One is for Consistent Changes and the other is for TECkit. The latter can also be used SIL Converters. Neither has been extensively tested.


Galatia SIL can be used with any preferred Greek Unicode keyboard. The SIL Polytonic Greek is also available.

Transliteration Resources

Data Conversion

If you have text files typed with the pre-Unicode SIL Greek Trans fonts, they will have to be converted to Unicode. TECkit mapping files for SIL Greek Trans fonts are available here and can be used with TECkit and/or SIL Converters. Any font with full Latin support should be adequate for Hebrew transliteration (see Doulos SIL, Charis SIL, or Gentium for an acceptable Unicode font for transliteration of Biblical Hebrew).


Hebrew and Greek Transliteration (SIL) keyboard is a Keyman keyboard useable on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Be sure Keyman is installed before installing the keyboard.



This font is licensed under the SIL Open Font License (OFL).


Galatia SIL 2.1 for all platforms FONT | 155.2 KB | 13 Jul 2009
Galatia SIL web fonts 2.1 for all platforms FONT | 316.6 KB | 16 Jun 2015

Galatia SIL web fonts 2.1 includes the same files as Galatia SIL 2.1 – plus Web Open Font Format (WOFF) fonts and sample web files.

This font is also available in the SIL software repository for Ubuntu. Users can subscribe to this software repository and get current versions and updates automatically.

Release notes

  • This release includes both a Regular and a Bold typeface.
  • There are no OpenType tables in this font. Thus, there is no automatic formation of the final sigma.

Release history

  • 2015-06-16 – Version 2.1 web fonts released
  • 2009-07-13 – Version 2.1 mac license table fixed
  • 2009-06-29 – Version 2.1 released under the OFL, ‘vdmx’ table recalculated because of errors in the font causing some Java™ applications on some Windows machines to not display glyphs in Galatia SIL
  • 2008-05-07 – Version 2.0.1b released, removal of Keyman keyboard
  • 2005-06-30 – Version 2.0.1 released, bug-fix for issue causing crashes on Linux
  • 2002-10-01 – Windows Unicode Version 2.0 released

Previous Versions

Download for previous versions »


As these fonts and utilities are distributed at no cost, we are unable to provide a commercial level of personal technical support. We will, however, try to resolve problems that are reported to us.

We do hope that you will report problems so they can be addressed in future releases. Even if you are not having any specific problems, but have an idea on how this system could be improved, we want to hear your ideas and suggestions.

Please note that these fonts are intended for use by experienced computer users. Installing and using these fonts is not a trivial matter. The most effective technical support is usually provided by an experienced computer user who can personally sit down with you at your computer to troubleshoot the problem.


General troubleshooting information, including frequently asked questions, can be found in the documentation. Additional information is also available on the general Font FAQ page. If that fails to answer your question, send an email via this contact form.

Before requesting technical support, please:

  • Carefully read all the documentation provided with the font and on this site.

Language Software Community

Support from other software users may be available through the SIL Language Software Community. This community will be growing to become the major source of software support.

If that fails to answer your question, or you have a bug report, feature suggestion, or need help using the software, please contact us using the form below.

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