For the current download of Lateef, please see the main Lateef download page.

Please note: There are two licensing options

Version 1.0 of Lateef was released as copyrighted freeware. All subsequent versions have been released under SIL’s Open Font License instead.

We released Lateef 1.001 under the Open Font License. In almost all respects version 1.001 is almost exactly the same as the 1.0 version. The only differences are:

  • The change to Open Font License
  • The addition of SIL TypeTuner tables to make it possible to access alternate behaviors of the fonts. To download fonts with alternate behaviors, visit TypeTuner Web.

Thus, fonts are licensed in two different ways on this page:

  • Lateef 1.001 and later, released under the Open Font License
  • Lateef 1.0rc1, released as copyrighted freeware, with OpenType and AAT font technologies

Lateef 4.100 ZIP | 4.67 MB | 11 Aug 2023
Mac OS, Linux, Windows

Lateef 4.000 ZIP | 3.28 MB | 14 Apr 2023
Mac OS, Linux, Windows

Lateef 2.000 ZIP | 3.03 MB | 24 Jun 2022
Mac OS, Linux, Windows

LateefGR 1.200 ZIP | 710.8 KB | 23 Mar 2017
Mac OS, Linux, Windows (including WOFF webfont)

Lateef 1.001 ZIP | 119.1 KB | 5 Nov 2008
Mac OS, Linux, Windows

Lateef 1.0rc1 ZIP | 179.9 KB | 2 Jun 2005
Mac OS - AAT (Freeware licensed)

Lateef 1.0rc1 ZIP | 102.2 KB | 2 Jun 2005
Mac OS, Linux, Windows - OpenType (Freeware licensed)

Note: We reserve the right to alter metrics in future releases. Future versions of the font may result in different lines, line spacing, or paragraph lengths. Do not expect that a document laid out in one version will always have the same page breaks, etc., in future fonts.