We are pleased to announce the release of LateefGR v1.200. This Graphite-only release of Lateef is the first significant update of this font since its initial release in 2005. Changes since then include:

  • Removed U+03BC
  • Added U+061C, U+063D, U+076E..U+0772, U+08AA, U+08B2, U+2012, U+2015, U+2027..U+2029, U+202F, U+2066..U+2069
  • Added alternates for End of Ayah (U+06DD) and changed default design
  • Design changes to U+0755, U+0756, U+075A
  • Design changes to U+06AC and U+06AD
  • Design changes to U+06DF..U+06E1 (to follow http://unicode.org/review/pr-73.html)
  • U+06BA is now dotless in all positions
  • U+00A0 advanced width changed to match U+0020
  • Size of dagger alef (U+0670) is reduced above U+0678
  • Added Graphite language tags
  • Added Graphite features
  • Added Graphite Kerning for reh-like and waw-like characters
  • Linespacing is looser
  • Does not include OpenType support

Our goal is to add OpenType support to the current version of Lateef later in the year. Until then, if you require OpenType capability, Lateef 1.001 is still available (on Previous Versions) and provides OpenType support. The two fonts can be installed simultaneously as they have different names (LateefGR and Lateef).

Both desktop and web fonts are provided in a single, all-platforms package on the Download Page.