Data source from FieldWorks Language Explorer allows you to include multiple fields from the Language Explorer in the phonetic field for analysis. One application of this feature is when multiple dialects are being stored in a Language Explorer file. It is possible to include or exclude these various data sources. So consonant charts can be created with multiple dialects or with a single dialect.

Source data from Toolbox, FieldWorks, or Speech Analyzer

Phonology Assistant can use data transcribed with the Unicode IPA character set from:

  • Speech Analyzer files with transcriptions.
  • Toolbox databases (interlinear and non-interlinear).
  • FieldWorks databases. FieldWorks supports capturing phonetic data in the lexeme form or as a pronunciation. Two exports are provided for use with Phonology Assistant.
  • Any application that can export data to XML and apply an XSL transform to conform to PAXML.
  • Any combination of the above.

Note: Phonology Assistant does not have a data corpus editor. It is assumed that users will use one of the above programs.

Phonology Assistant can jump to the source record in any of the above SIL programs so that the user can view and edit the source record. When changes are made and saved in the source data, PA automatically updates charts and word lists to reflect the changes.