Draft versions of French and Spanish questions

The latest version (1.3.9, released today) of Transcelerator now includes French and Spanish versions of all questions, answers, and notes. Most of these are “auto-translated and have not been carefully reviewed, but they are probably mostly good enough to be usable. If you find mistakes (or if you want to… Read More

Version 1.3 – Internationalization!

For everyone who has been waiting for the past few years for Transcelerator to support translation of questions from a source language other than English, your wait is (almost) over! With the advent of version 1.3 (released today), Transcelerator can now support display of questions, answers, and notes in languages… Read More

Blazing a trail for Paratext Plugins

Not only is Transcelerator a great program in its own right, it also served to blaze the trail for the creation of Paratext plugins. If you have some programming experience and you use Paratext, at some point you’ve probably thought, “I sure wish Paratext did ___.” Well now you can… Read More